How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

By | 14.02.2017

Minecraft is the game of exploration, as there are millions of things which the player has to explore. At every step, the user would find mysterious things. It is entirely up to the player that how he explore those puzzles. For instance, if an individual found a horse on the way to jungle then he has to actually open room for other mysteries like how to secure it or how it can be tamed. The horse is beneficial in many ways like it can entertain the player by giving him a ride or by fitting in the horse armor but this only possible if he tames that horse. The taming process is bit time-consuming but without this horse is of no use. The player can be tamed his horse in the following steps:

Step How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

Find and secure a wild horse

First of all, the player has to find a horse in the jungle or anywhere. When he has found the horse which he likes, he has to secure it. Securing the horse is not a difficult task, an individual just has to attach the horse to the fence. He can attach the horse through lead with the fence post. Another option is also available; that horse can be secured in an enclosure with hard walls around. However, the individual has to keep in mind that the horse cannot get out of that enclosure but some other mishap could allow him to escape.

Tame Horse Minecraft

Let the horse to walk around

A horse would never be a friend if it is kept in an enclosure all the time. So, it is necessary to allow him to walk. The horse will move around for just a few seconds before getting wild. The player has to keep following the horse until it stops. Taming is a bit hard task, so the player has to try again and again with different strategies to get a friend with the horse.

• Give food
Food is the best thing to attract any stranger. If a player feels difficulty in taming his horse, then he can use some horse-friendly food. Such food would enhance the probability of horse taming and the growth of a baby horse. Following are the horse-friendly foods:

 1. Sugar
Sugar can be obtained from sugar cane. It enhances the growth of the horse up to 30 seconds and heals it by 1 heart. Moreover, it increases the probability of taming up to 3 percent.

 2. Apple
An apple can be obtained by finding an oak tree and chopping it down. Apple is beneficial for taming a horse in different ways. It speeds up the growth process of a horse by 1 minute, and there would be 3 percent more chance of taming the horse.

3. Golden Apple
The most beneficial food for taming a horse is golden apple. It heals the horse by 10 hearts and increases the taming probability by 10 percent.

• Mounting
Mounting could also tame the horse, but it needs lots of effort. The player can mount the horse by clicking on it with an empty hand. When the horse is tamed, the heart will appear, After trying again and again, the player will surely get successful in taming a wild horse.

How to Tame a Horse in Minecraft

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