How to change your Minecraft Username

By | 07.02.2017

Suppose a person is standing in a random area which is surrounded by trees, snow, mountains, water, river, or grass. Sun is watching him with bright eyes while birds are chirping there. How amazing that scene would be! Everyone dreams of such fantastic land, but unfortunately, they feel that it is not possible every time to go there. Well, it is no more an impossible thing. A person can surely visit such beautiful land every time he wants.

This is a land of Minecraft that allows people to experience a natural world. It lies in the category of most popular games. There are many things which are mysterious for people such as changing the name. Sometimes, people want to play this game with some alternative name, and he does not know how to change it on PC.

Changing the username in Minecraft

A player has to follow certain steps to change his name:

Step 1: Log in to the account

As there are certain websites that allow the user to play the MC. However, he has to create his account before playing the game in online sources. Furthermore, that account would also help the person to change his Minecraft username on window 7, 8, 10. A person just needs an email and a password for logging on to his account go to

mojang account login


Step 2: Click on ‘Change’ option

After logging on the account, another screen would appear. On this screen, an individual can see all the games which are registered on that particular website. Minecraft game would also be present there. Click on Minecraft and find the username on the right side. Then click on the ‘change’ option present next to the user.

minecraft username change


Step 3: Enter the new name

After tapping on the ‘change’ option, another screen would appear. This screen has the player’s current name and another box beneath it. That box demands the new name. The user has to type his new name in that box.

Step 4: Check availability

Furthermore, an individual can also see whether or not someone already uses his name. For this purpose, he can use the ‘check availability’ option present next to the name box. The player has to keep in mind that two players of Minecraft cannot use the same name.

how to change minecraft username


Step 5: Confirm the change

When the user is satisfied with the new name, he should type his password in box present below. To confirm his choice, the individual has to click ‘change name’ option present below.

how to change your minecraft name


Step 6: Wait for the new name to show up

When the user clicks on the ‘confirm change’ option, a new name would immediately appear on the screen. However, an individual should not be that he may not be identified with his new name in the server immediately after changing. It may take minutes or hours for the request to proceed. Moreover, the user has to log out completely from the game and then log in again to see the new name. It is a very rare case that the new name may take more than one day for changing.

MC UserName Change

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