How to make Minecraft run Faster

By | 28.02.2017

Minecraft is the adventurous game for placing the blocks. The specification of the game is high, and it needs a high-resolution screen to work properly. Many people complaints about the slow running of the game. To make the Minecraft run faster, the user can simply follow the following steps to enjoy the game.

5 Easiest Ways to make Minecraft run Faster

1. Allocating more RAM

RAM has a major role in making the game faster. By allocating the RAM correctly, one can boost up the system performance. To run a Minecraft in Windows, the user can use this procedure to get the improvement in the system.
For the 8 GB RAM system, first, go to control panel and then to settings. In the setting folder, there is present a Jawa setting. In the Java settings here add the Xmx 2Gvalue to get the appropriate value.

How to Allocate more Ram to Minecraft

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2. Close out of extra Program

Before running the program, it is good to close all the programs running in the window. It will help the system to get free and run only the game. Close all the icons and background icons.

minecraft run faster Close out of extra Program

3. Change priority

The changing of the priority helps to improve the game performance. Usually, the error comes the memory is short. To overcome this problem one can change the priority from task manager to get rid of the problem. Open the task manager and right click to jawa.exe and press high priority. There are different options present, and it is good to click on real-time or high. High improves the stability of the program.

How to make Minecraft run Faster

4. Boost maxFPS pack

Texturepack helps to improve FPS speed. Fps is basically frames per second. In order to run Minecraft. Navigate from options, then resource pack and open resource pack folder then drag the pack into the Minecraft folder.

5. Optifine

Optifine is huge for Minecraft. The person can download according to the requirement of the system. After installing, go to Minecraft and add the Optifine to run the game faster. It also helps to boost FPS. By installing this software helps in improving the annoying slow gae=me. A tool is a good option for activating the Minecraft mod. After installing apply different settings to get improvement.

Download Optifine

• Set graphics to fast mod
• Set render distance short
• Turn smooth lightening
• Set max FPS performance
• Advanced GL to fast
• Turn off clouds
• Turn off animations.

By focusing all the above options, one can able to run the game fastly without any hindrance. It is good to follow all the guidelines to get the best results of the game. Different versions of software are available one has to select according to the specifications of the system, type of RAM and the Windows. Compatibility with the system is necessary; incompatibility may cause the software or windows to crash, it important to read all the details of the game and the compatibility mode to get the best results. In this way, the person can enjoy the game without any hurdles in the system.

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