How to make a fence in Minecraft

By | 31.01.2017

Minecraft is also known as sandbox game which is popular among every age individual. This is a game where an individual can enjoy building his own world by using certain building blocks. It gives people an opportunity to explore his own creativity. After creating a virtual world, an individual has to protect it through certain defense tool. Anyone can attack from anywhere, and he can hit the entire world with his power.

It means an individual has to strengthen his boundaries to avoid induction from any corner. This is possible by making a stronger fence around in order to ensure safety. This is a wall that cannot be jumped easily, and the player has to use the fence gate if it is opened so it can be a good defense for the player. Every fence varies in its strength and appearance. However, this post will cover a general way of making a fence in Minecraft.

Platform Supported Minimum Version Required
PC/Mac Yes
Pocket Edition (PE) Yes
PS3 Yes  1.17
PS4 Yes  1.17
Xbox one Yes  CU14
Xbox 360 Yes  TU25
Windows 10 Edition Yes
Education Edition (EDU) Yes
Wii U Yes


Materials needed for making a fence

Before going on the further process, the Minecraft player has to collect certain recipe materials for making an oak fence. There are different sorts of the fence which varies according to its texture and appearance. A fence can be build according to the material available like a wood fence would required two sticks and four planks, Nether brick fence would required Nether brick, etc. An individual has to collect material accordingly. Add that material to the Hotbar for further use.

• Make a crafting table

An individual has to make a crafting table before going to the further process. For crafting table, an individual has to open the crafting menu where he should add the items required for making the crafting grid.

front crafting table



Open the crafting menu

Before crafting any item, he has to make sure that the crafting table is a 3X3 crafting grid. At this step, he has to stand in front of that grid.

minecraft crafting table

• Make a fence gate

When the material is collected, make a fence gate so that it becomes easier to open or close the fence for other players or things. The fence actually functions both as door and the fence.

Make fence gate minecraft

• Craft the fence pieces

When the material is collected, place this material in the crafting grid according to a particular pattern. This pattern varies for every sort of fence.

Make fence minecraft pieces

• Move this fence to inventory

After adding the items to crafting grid appropriately, a fence would be prepared. Now the player has to move this fence to the inventory for further processing.

Move fence to inventory

Steps to make a fence in Minecraft

After collecting the appropriate material, an individual can start building a fence. He has to follow the following steps for making a fence:

Step 1: Find an open area

When the material is collected, and fence gate is created, an individual has to find an open area where he could make his fence.

Step 2: Build the sides of a fence

When an open area is selected, start making the walls of the fence by using the material available in the Hotbar. Build one side of a fence by placing enough material there. Now, put another fence to the side of the first one, and the Minecraft will automatically build the entire sides. Continue this process until all the sides are built.

Step 3: Fit the fence gate

While making the sides of a fence an individual has to leave a place of one block on the front side. Place the already created gate there. After placing it, the entire fence is ready.

fence minecraft

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