How to make a lead in Minecraft

By | 02.02.2017

In today’s world, people usually spend lots of time on games. The reason for this fact is the enjoyment associated with the games. In games, people can have fun in their own mysterious land, and there would be nothing which can stop them. Minecraft is one such game which is also known as a sandbox game. The literal meaning of sandbox is a virtual land where players can build their own mysterious land with building blocks or resources available. It is entirely up to the user that how he should find his resources.

Moreover, the Minecraft game can be played on any smart gadget or computer. It’s popularity if increasing day by day and it is popular for every age group people. There are millions of factors which has brought this game to the limelight. With time, people explore many mysterious in the game. One of those mysterious is the use of lead. The lead actually helps in moving the mob. When it is attached to the mob, the mob would be moved by the user. Lead plays very important role in the game, but users do not know how could they make it. This article will enlighten them about the way of crafting a lead.

Platform Supported Minimum Version Required
PC/Mac Yes  1.6.1
Pocket Edition (PE) Yes  0.15.0
PS3 Yes
PS4 Yes
Xbox one Yes
Xbox 360 Yes
Windows 10 Edition Yes  0.15.0
Education Edition (EDU) No
Wii U Yes


How to craft a lead?

People should keep in mind that only one lead is required for moving a single mob. Alternatively, many leads would be needed for moving multiple mobs.

Collect the materials

Before working on the process of making a lead, the user has to collect material for it. An appropriate material can make the lead. In order to make a lead, following things would be needed.

1. 4 Strings

Strings can be obtained by killing a spider. However, if an individual is not able to find the spider, then he should change the time to a night mode so that the spider could be found. When the spider is killed, it will disappear, but the strings would be collected.

2. 1 Slimeball

Slimeball can be obtained by killing slime. This slime would only be visible at night. However, a user should keep in mind that the smaller a slim is, the greater a user has a chance to get the slimeball.

• Open the crafting menu

Once the material is collected, and a crafting grid is prepared, the user would have to open the crafting menu. Now make the player to stand in front of that crafting grid.

minecraft crafting table

• Place the items in the Crafting grid to make a lead

To make a lead, all the material which was collected should be added in the crafting table. All the material should be placed in an appropriate pattern. In the first row, one string would be put in the left box while another one in the middle box. In the second row, one string and a slimeball would be placed in the left consecutive boxes while in the third, one string would be placed in the extreme right box.

How to make a lead in Minecraft


• Transfer the lead to inventory

When the crafting grid is filled appropriately then lead would be moved to the inventory. Now, a lead is prepared.

lead minecraft

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