How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

By | 13.02.2017

Minecraft is played throughout the world. If someone has not played, he must at least heard about it. The basic reason for its popularity is its no rules policy. This game has not trapped people in the set of complex criteria or rules. Sometimes, people get confused that why no objective is set. Well, people have to keep in mind that the Minecraft game gives them an opportunity to explore and build according to their will or desire.
Through this idea, people can say that Minecraft has so much flexibility in its rules that players can create their own mysterious dreamland. Moreover, there are lots of incentives available for users who play well. One of such incentives is a horse which is considered as a gift, but it is up to the player to get more horses. This article will discuss how to breed horses in Minecraft.

Materials required for horse breeding

Certain materials are needed to breed horses. Following are the items which are essential in order o breed horses.

  • 2 Golden apples

Golden Apple can be obtained by adding 1 red apple and 8 gold ingots to the crafting grid. As a result, a golden apple would be produced which should be collected for the breeding process.

Golden apples Minecraft


  • 2 Enchanted Golden Apples

Apart from golden apples, 2 enchanted golden apples are also required. The enchanted golden apple can be craft by adding one red apple and 8 blocks of gold to the crafting grid.

Enchanted Golden apples Minecraft


  • 2 Golden carrots

The user needs to craft a golden carrot in order to carry out the breeding process. When a player adds 1 carrot and 8 gold nuggets to the crafting grid and then move it to the inventory, he would get a golden carrot. The process would be repeated twice because 2 golden carrots are required for the breeding process.

Golden carrots Minecraft


Steps How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

When all the material is collected, the breeding process would begin. It would take place in the following steps:

Step 1: Get 2 horses

Now, the player has to find two horses on the basis of the traits that an individual wants. For instance, a donkey and horse can breed to produce the mule, but it is not recommended as the mule would not be able to breed itself. A player can find the horses from Plains biome. When horses are found, they have to be kept in a fence to prevent them from running away. Both the horses have to be closer enough when breeding.

minecraft horses

Step 2: Tame both the horses

It is one of the essential steps in the breeding process. An individual should keep in mind that breeding of wild horses is not an option in Minecraft, so it is necessary to tame both the horses.

Step 3: Food items

When the process of reproduction begins, one of the required materials should be given to both the horses. For instance, if an individual is interested in giving golden apple then would give this apple as food to both the horses.

Step 4: Baby horse would appear

When food is given to both the horses, red hearts would appear. When red hearts disappear, a cute baby horse would appear.

How to Breed Horses in Minecraft

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